Everyday Observations

I had lunch with fellow writer, Julaina Kleist-Corwin, a few weeks ago. We discussed blogging, and she asked me, “What is your message?”

I scrunched my eyes, wrinkled my nose, and gave her a look of total befuddlement. “I don’t have a message. I’m no guru with worthwhile words of wisdom to offer.”

After our meeting, I returned home, sat at my computer, and continued to reflect on Julaina’s question. Neither my muse nor a bolt of sudden wisdom provided an answer. I simply had no well-defined message upon which to weekly wax poetic. I can’t turn anyone into a Toni Morrison or Margaret Atwood by sharing long-hidden writing tips. I can’t provide a road map for how to write blogs that bring millions to a website. I can’t even explain how to punctuate a sentence correctly. When I get it right, it’s likely because I reverted to Strunk and White, or my dear friend, Vi Moore, who seems to have the Chicago Manual of Style down pat.

Rather than drive myself crazy (crazier?) trying to answer Julaina’s query, I refocused. I considered what I might want to share rather than identify a specific message. Two thoughts came to mind. The first was everyday observations. The world seems haywire these days. I watch the nightly news, shake my head and ask for the umpteenth time, how did we get here? It’s a rhetorical question. I have minor inklings of how it happened. What I don’t have is a viable clue as how to extricate ourselves from it. Sometimes I just want to share my feelings. Maybe know I’m not alone.

My second thought was that I might want to provide information about Magdelaine La Framboise, the subject of my novel, Ardent Spirit. Magdelaine is a woman worth knowing. I’m not alone in this belief. In 1986, she was inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame. I won’t offer inducements for you to run out and buy my book. For many people, Ardent Spirit, simply isn’t going to get their reader juices flowing. Yet I believe Magdelaine La Framboise is due a place in history. My book may not give it to her, but if a few folks interested in Michigan History, Native American History, or Women’s History pick it up and reflect on Magdelaine’s accomplishments, writing the book will have been its own reward.

So, those were my thoughts about blogging, messages, and what I might post in the future. I won’t obligate myself to post on a strict schedule. Too stressful. I have no idea when I’ll observe something I feel like sharing with friends. And I don’t even know when I’ll feel like telling you more about Madame La Framboise. Still, I hope you visit my blog occasionally. Even better would be a comment to tell me your views on my current babble.

Sorry, Julaina, it’s the best I can do.

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